Pro-1 (Headphone Hanger)

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PRO-1 is over-the ear headphone stand based on a geometric layered aluminum structure with sleek and modern design.

Everything form the polished, chamfered edge details, silicone coated hanging area, non-slip silicone rubber base and vibrant, contrasting design shows every area has been carefully considered

Product Features

  1. Modern Geometric Layer Structure
  2. Solid and Vibrant Construction with Assorted Materials
  3. Polished Chamfered Aluminum Edge Design
  4. Rubber Coated Hanging Area for Excellent Protection
  5. Silicon Rubber Base for a Steady Grip
  6. Compatible with Over-The-Ear Headphones

Dimension (L x W x H)164.63 x 70 x 216.57 (mm)