Neptune Turbine Blade Design ARGB 120mm Triple Pack

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Introducing Neptune AN fans, revolutionizing PC cooling with innovative aerodynamic blades for exceptional efficiency and a silent environment. Enhance your PC's aesthetics with 8 individual ARGB LEDs, creating a mesmerizing visual experience. Upgrade to Neptune AN fans for peak performance, style, and a serene atmospheres

Turbine Blade Design

Experience quiet cooling and efficient air-flow with InWin's Signature Turbine Blade design. Molding the fan blades into the frame creates a more concentrated airflow preventing air leakage and irritating noise pollution.

Ahead of the Curve

Neptune’s fan blades are angled slightly to ensure the airflow is channeled in a more focused stream. This tactical design allows the static pressure to increase.

Starting from 900rpm

The Neptune case fan series PWM initiates at an immediate 900 RPM. This will provide enough airflow to cool loading PC systems while producing an extremely low noise level at 17.2 dB(A).

Noise Reduction Technique 

Besides enhancing speed, the Neptune series creates a more balanced performance, which includes reducing noise. Turbulence, resonance, and pitch from air dispersal were all taken into consideration. InWin dissected the fan's anatomy to produce these silent high static-pressure fans.

Extension Cable

InWin AN Series possesses a user-friendly design, which allows users to connect fans via extension cables for more flexible cable management options.

Lock-N-Go Cable

InWin’s new Lock-N-Go Cable with an anti-slide buckle design allows ARGB cable connectors to be secured like never before.