Neptune Professional Grade Turbine Blade 140mm - Single Pack

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The DN PRO fans are the flagship fan of the Neptune series. These silent, high-static pressure fans achieve this notoriety with their revolutionary blade design, emphasizing aerodynamics and acoustic control. The DN Pro fans feature a three-phase, six-pole motor, contributing to the pro-grade cooling performance. Pairing the Fluid Dynamic Bearings (FDB) and the copper bearing shield provides a more balanced and stable fan.

Turbine Blade Design

Experience quiet cooling and efficient air-flow with InWin's Signature Turbine Blade design. Molding the fan blades into the frame creates a more concentrated airflow preventing air leakage and irritating noise pollution.

Ahead of the Curve

Neptune’s fan blades are angled slightly to ensure the airflow is channeled in a more focused stream. This tactical design allows the static pressure to increase.

Noise Reduction Technique 

True Air Benders

Besides enhancing speed, the Neptune series creates a more balanced performance, which includes reducing noise. Turbulence, resonance, and pitch from air dispersal were all taken into consideration. InWin dissected the fan's anatomy to produce these silent high static-pressure fans.

Double Dynamic Balance

The Neptune DN PRO fans operate with optimal stability and minimal vibrations. The fans accomplish this after countless dynamic balancing tests and multiple manual tunings.

■Interior Material

  • FDB Copper Bearing & 0.01mm refined Metal Shield provide the best working environment and to prolong MTBF up to 60000hr.
  • 3-phase 6-pole motor to enhance the power.
  • Covered with a metal magnetic shield, the motor is blocked from electromagnetic wave disruptions to host a smooth operation.
  • With the IC PWM control, the RPM can be much more precise, and the difference can be reduced down within 1% (10-20rpm).
  • DN PRO can stop the fan completely at 0rpm mode.

■User-Friendly Installation

  • Metallic screw thread for easy installation. 
  • Nylon Braided Modular Extension Cables prolong the lifespan