Saturn ASN140 Triple Pack (140mm)

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Inspired by the vibrant coloration found in some regions of outer space, the Saturn Series ARGB case fans continue InWin’s breakthrough technological development. InWin is the first company to develop modular case fans. By simply connecting the fans together, this makes cable management a breeze and they are daisy-chainable too. Saturn offers newer features than even our previous Polaris fans. Improvements to the provided controller enhances the overall building experience.

Main Features

  • High Airflow ARGB Case Fan
  • ARGB Lighting Effect
  • Intelligent PWM Design
  • Modular Connector Design
  • ARGB One-Click Controller
  • Transparent Frame with Stripes Design

Included: Cable Set x 1 , ASN140 Fan x 3, ARGB Controller x 1 and 12 Screws


Product Name

Saturn ASN140
Quantity Included Triple Pack
Model Number IW-FN-ASN140-3PK
Colors Black/White
Fan Size 140 x 140 x 25mm
Materials PC, PBT
Rated Voltage 12V
Rated Power 3.24W
Rated Current 0.27A
ADD RGB Rated Voltage 5V
ADD RGB Rated Power 1.5W
ADD RGB Rated Current 0.30A (max.)
Speed Mode PWM 500~1400 RPM
Air Flow 93.97 CFM
Air Pressure 1.73mm/ H2O
LED Addressable RGB
Connector (Fan to Fan) 6-pin Modular
Connector to M/B 4 Pin (PWM, 12V), 3 Pin (ARGB, 5V)
Noise Level 36 dB(A)
Bearing Type Long Lifespan Sleeve Bearing
Gross Weight 583g
Package Dimensions (L x W x H) 144 x 216 x 90mm
Warranty 2 Years