Project Velika Planina

Project Velika Planina

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So, This is my first time here... Guess I should say hello with a banger!
My Tou2.0 inspired Inwin 303, and my first mod done inside an InWin case

Velika Planina was named and themed in respect to EKWB and this gorgeous piece of mountain, and the beautiful purple flowers that bloom in its plateau.
Fun fact, its only an hour drive from EK HQ!

This one is special to me, in so many ways! Tried out some new painting techniques, first time playing with fresh off the line watercooling, and I had the opportunity to document my work in finer detail and use the parts provided to me to create tutorials. I made all the fan splitters from scratch and terminated the RGB fans into 1 plug per radiator.

This project was graciously sponsored by EKWB, It took almost 3 years modding to get the YES... And damn does it feel amazing.
The Tou2.0 Inspired front panel for the InWin 303 came to me after having this case sitting at my feet for nearly 2 whole years.

System specs:

Cpu - Intel i7 8700k, Delidded at 5.2ghz
Mobo - Asus Maximus Code, with Mountain peak inspired paint
Gpu - EVGA RTX 2070 XC
Ram - TeamGroup T-Force Nighthawk 4x8gb @ 3200mhz , with Mountain peak inspired paint
OS Storage - Samsung 970 evo m.2
Game Storage - TeamGroup T-Force Delta 2 SSD , with Mountain peak inspired paint and UV LED's
PSU - Seasonic Focus +Gold 850w
Cables - Tpbmods, Made with Teleios

Full EKWB Cooling solution:

Cpu - Velocity RGB Nickel + Plexi
Gpu - Vector RTX 2080 RGB Nickel + Plexi w/Nickel backplate
Pump/Res - Xres 140 Revo D5 RGB Wrapped in mountains.
Rads - 1 PE/1 SE Coolstream 360
Fittings - All Torque series angled and HTC 16mm
Fans - Vardar 120ER RGB
Coolant - CryoFuel Indigo Violet

And now, in no particular order of favoritism, I give you... Velika Planina

Resouces: Tpbmods

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