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Mini-ITX vs. HTPC Cases

InWin offers plenty of mini-ITX options, but what exactly do we mean by HTPC (Home Theater PC) chassis?

A simplified definition of an HTPC is a computer that is built for the intended purpose of storing and streaming various forms of media such as movies, music and images. These types of PCs are generally kept in the living room or a theater room. 

Technically speaking, an HTPC case doesn't have to be a certain size or specialty model. A full tower chassis can certainly become an HTPC. So why specifically are we offering HTPC cases? 

Cases like our Chopin Pro and B1 Mesh are designed to offer a small footprint. They can be placed in a variety of tiny areas, but the designs offer a modern vibe suitable to designated areas in the home or office. The B1 Pure is another viable option to match certain furnishings as well. 

What About Gaming? 

While it is possible to do some light gaming on the HTPC cases that InWin offers, we recommend looking at our slightly bigger mini-ITX selection. 

Cases like our A1 Prime, EXPLORER and 901 are much better alternatives for PC setups that require more hardware. 

Do Cases Like the B1 Mesh and Chopin Pro Have to be Used as HTPCs?

Not at all. The B1 Mesh and Chopin Pro do make great HTPCs, but they can also be great choices for office PCs, portable computers, light gaming systems, and much more! Part of the charm of these tiny enclosures is that they are not as limited as you might imagine. 

Are 200W PSUs enough? 

It varies like with anything else. For PCs dedicated for HTPCs, office work, internet browsing, light gaming and other uses, 200W is more than enough. This is why InWin's proprietary PSU made for the Chopin Pro and the B1 series complements the case so nicely. The size bodes well within the tiny chassis and is more than enough power for these type of systems. 

That said, it is encouraged for PC builders to be mindful of the components you put inside the PC. Having more powerful hardware isn't necessary for these types of builds. If you wish to put more powerful hardware, we suggest using the larger mini-ITX variants InWin offers. 


If you have any questions regarding InWin's HTPC cases, mini-ITX cases or any other InWin products, please feel free to ask in the comments below or reach out to us on our social media. 

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