SK23-07 Screwing HotSwap HDD Cage (5.25" x 2 to 3.5" x 3)


Hot-Swap Drive Cage for InWin C200 Computer Chassis

  1. Equipped with an 80mm PWM Rear Cooling Fan
  2. Indicators Warn of Fan Failure or Unusual Temperature Spikes
  3. Screwless 3.5’’ HDD Installation
  4. Perfect for PC Builders in Need of More Storage

Easy Swap, Smart Storage

The SK23-07 drive cage has 3 x 2.5’’/3.5’’ hot-swap trays HDD and can also convert to 2 x 5.25" drive bays.

Screwless 3.5" HDD Installation

Screwless drive trays, expands to fit and secure 3.5" drives.

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